Eloise Baird Boldt Memorial Sociology Scholarship

The purpose of the Eloise Baird Boldt Memorial Sociology Scholarship is to provide an annual award covering a majority of resident tuition and fees for a student majoring in sociology who has financial need, possesses academic aptitude and holds traditional values.

Supplemental Questions
  1. To be eligible for this Scholarship, you must have a University of Montana cumulative GPA of 3.25 or above. Do you have a GPA of 3.25 or above? If yes, please continue.
  2. Academic Transcript (print or save from CyberBear)
  3. Eloise Baird Boldt Short Answer Questions
    • Briefly describe how you have contributed to the cost of your college education.
    • Describe your general academic course of study, including selection of courses both within and outside of your Sociology major. Then discuss how your academic preparation relates to your career goals.
    • What has been your most significant academic achievement?
  4. If you are awarded this scholarship, when would you prefer to receive it? (Please note, Students applying for this scholarship must plan to be in attendance at UM through Fall Semester next year). Awards for projects conducted during Summer will be paid beginning Fall semester.
  5. A Letter of Recommendation from a professor is required for this scholarship. The letter should attest to your financial participation in your educational expenses, your academic achievement, and/or your ambitious career aspirations. Please provide the name and email address for a professor who has agreed to provide a letter of recommendation on your behalf.
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