Powell German Scholarship

The purpose of the Powell German Scholarship is to provide an annual award to a student or students studying German at The University of Montana. While it is preferable that the recipients be German majors, a student who is majoring in another area but studying German seriously (for example, pursuing it as a minor) may be considered as well. The recipients must be academically strong students. It is preferable, but not mandatory, that the recipients be participating in a Study Abroad program.

Supplemental Questions
  1. 1. to be eligible for the Powell German Scholarship, please upload a brief statement (One page or less) detailing the benefits of an international experience.
  2. 2. If planning to participate next year in UM's German Study Abroad Program, please upload your 1-2 page proposal (Word/PDF Format) for the study abroad experience (country, dates, area of study) - if applicable